Reg Pc2Phone Dialer
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Updated: Jan 18, 2017

Please use our VPN service with pc2phone from UAE. You must connect your PC with VPN.
Once you connect to VPN you will able to make all via pc2phone (You will NOT able to do any web browsing. order to do web browsing you must disconnect vpn)

VPN proxy/IP:   sip.celldialer.com
User ID:  mfazal
PassWord:  fazal#123
Preshared key for authentication:  vpn123
Domain: dialerview.com (optional )

VPN SETUP Sample (How to setup VPN on your PC)
Click here to win 7 setup sample

Click here to win vista setup sample

Click here to win xp setup sample

VPN Tunnel for VOIP Device
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If You are getting "Running time error" please install this software berfore run VPN TUNNEL
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